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  Eye cream for Dark circles Eye Cream dark circles   Hi and welcome back this pandemic has brought everything digital whether studies, jobs...

 Eye cream for Dark circles

Eye Cream dark circles


Hi and welcome back this pandemic has brought everything digital whether studies, jobs and entertainment too.continues use of digital screens and no proper sleep may leads to dark circles one must know what are the importance of eye creams in your skin care not only this there are many reasons for cause of dark circles

Dark circles, 


Lack of proper sleep,

On screen works,

tiredness and 


All these reasons could point towards iron deficiency. 

And also If you are deficient in iron, the supply of oxygen to the body tissues is hampered. 


Note :

Under eye or dark circles are not disease but this are clear indication to be preventive

As prevention is better than cure

Many people opt Eye Cream at the age 30s but I say as you start early using eye creams the best results can be seen.

And so the dermats says for skincare too.A few products like cleanser ,toner , moisturiser and sunscreen usage should be started at your teen age only.

If you ignore this eye creams it makes the skin appear paler, making your dark circles look more pronounced

Reasons for Eye creams in your skincare

As we know that skin around the eyes is more fragile, 

more prone to dryness, and

 quicker to show age and fatigue. 

May be some Squinting and constant movement of the eyes also hasten the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and fluids collect under the eyes and cause puffiness and dark circles. And yes that's true that Eye creams can address some of these issues.

Aloe vera for dark Circles

When we say aloe vera for the eye ,a big question arises: is that safe for the eye

 It's important to avoid putting aloe vera gel directly into your eyes but for now,  it is recommended to only use aloe vera on skin and not directly in the eye. It's safe to use aloe vera gel on the outside of your eyelids to relieve eye redness or swelling.

The reason Behind using  Aloe Vera gel is its alkaline nature.

 Aloe vera gel is an effective remedy for not only for dark circles but for dry eyes also.

 Its moisturising and 

Anti-inflammatory in nature

These properties help reduce redness and swelling. Rinse an aloe vera leaf and extract the gel or can go for branded aloe vera gel.

Vit E for dark circles

Vitamin E is not only very effective to reduce dark circles and prevent wrinkles around the eyes but also very well known to nourish your skin it may be through dietary or may be the external application. 

All you need to do is just Apply 2-3 drops around your eyes and massage well with your fingertips with low pressure or can be said gently.

And yes it's very true that Vitamin E is most commonly known for its benefits for skin health and appearance. 

Vitamin E can be applied topically to your face to reduce inflammation and make your skin look younger. Many people also swear by the effects of topical vitamin E when it's applied to the face overnight that really a good tips for anti-aging.

Almond oil for dark circles

It's a grandma tip that adding almond oil in your skin care routine or indeed I may not be wrong if I say it can be the best facial oil for Night skin care routine as Almond oil can help to lighten the dark circles under your eyes and reduce under-eye puffiness. This is all because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Note: very few people know that Almond oil also contains 


Vitamin E, And 

Vitamin K.

These all are well known to  keep your skin delicate  under your eyes smooth without irritating it.

Procedure For Diy Eye Cream

The procedure is dam simple all you need to do is take two spoon of aloe vera gel and add 10 drops of almond oil and two capsules of vit e oil or it can be 6-7 drops of vit e oil, now blend the mixture very well 

And now your diy Eye Cream is ready to use

Just dip your finger in this eye cream or eye gel and with gentle finger movement apply all over your eyelid. The results are very effective.let me know this Eye cream for Dark circles works for you.

Eye cream for dark cicles

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  Beauty drink for skin lightening,Anti-aging  And glowing skin by Dr.Manoj Das In today's world who doesn't want to look young, bea...

 Beauty drink for skin lightening,Anti-aging And glowing skin by Dr.Manoj Das

In today's world who doesn't want to look young, beautiful and that glowing skin and that to a drink with no efforts and very cost effective.

I know there are many beauty products and supplements available in the market to enhance your beauty but remember some products are high end that others couldn't afford and few products which are affordable that gives good results just for time being.

So here is one home remedy from Dr.Manoj Das a very famous youtuber with all the Expertise of skincare and haircare with both home remedies and products too.

So before checking out our recipe let me tell give you a small intro of Dr.Manoj Das

Dr. Manoj Das

Dr.manoj Das is a International Beauty trainer, Aesthetician & Aromatherapist Skin & Hair Care

A beauty therapist, skincare expert, and aromatherapist by the virtue of HIS education, Dr. Manoj das made a switch to beauty and natural health care in 2003 following his lifelong passion for beauty and natural health.

He has many followers and subscribers on this YouTube video and on his blog.

People like his video very much as he provides natural product remedies at no cost which we really appreciate.

This drink is very magical and all the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen, so here is the list of ingredients

Ingredient for Beauty drink

  • Water - 2 glass,

  • Tejpatta ( bay leaf )  -1 leaf,

  • Souf ( fennel seeds) - 1 teaspoon,

  • Zeera  (cumin seeds) - 1 teaspoon,

  • Elaichi ( green cardamom) - 2 pieces.

Beauty drink for skin lightening,Anti-aging   And glowing skin by Dr.Manoj Das

Bay leaf benefits skin 

Not only  is bay leaf tea beneficial but people also use bay leaf face packs too as this leaf contains antioxidants that help control production of melanin and flush out toxin and keep acne at bay.

Fennel seeds for Glowing skin: 

Fennel seeds or also called souf  serve your skin by providing various vitamins, which in turn really give you a younger looking skin which means an anti aging benefit.

Fennel tea or souf dicotion, when consumed on a daily basis, helps in improving the overall texture of the skin as it treats acne and makes your skin look flawless and glowing

Benefit of Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds help to fight skin disorders The Vitamin E content in cumin helps to keep the skin healthy and glowing. 

Cumin seeds are an antimicrobial property that fights the bacteria and fungus which causes various skin infections and other skin disorders like 

  • Acne,

  • Pimples,

  • Eczema.

 Cardamon for good skin

Like other Indian spices Cardamom also has antibacterial properties that helps in healing breakouts and also acts as a skin purifier by clearing out blemishes. 

It also helps in giving you a clearer and evened out complexion.

 It makes your skin even toned and also can improve your skin complexion if consumed on a daily basis. Ji


All you have to do is add two glass of water toa pan and add one teaspoon of fennel seeds ( souf) , one teaspoon of cumin seeds ( zeera ) , two small green cardamom and one bay leaf (tejpatta) crush bay leaf into pieces

Boil the mixture until the water comes to half quantity.

Strain the water and divide it into two equal quantities and drink one portion in the morning on an empty stomach and remaining water at night after your meals.

Final conclusion

All I can say about this tea or dicotion is that it is full of vitamins and antioxidant properties, flushing out toxins from the body and making your skin clear , glowing and younger.

This drink is a proper blend of glowing , anti aging and blemish free skin.

Note : please never over do for ingredients quantity and as well as for dosage

For complete info please do refer a video below with complete demonstration

r dicotion is that it is full of vitamins and antioxidant properties, flushing out toxins from the body and making your skin clear , glowing and younger.

This drink is a proper blend of glowing , anti aging and blemish free skin.

Note : please never over do for ingredients quantity and as well as for dosage

For complete info please do refer a video below with complete demonstration

And please don't forget to visit my site for more info in skincare and makeup.

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  Most effective skincare home remedies for healthy skin Highlights Diy Skincare routine Healthy skin Face glow No blur and blemishes Remove...

 Most effective skincare home remedies for healthy skin

Highlights Diy Skincare routine

Healthy skin

Face glow

No blur and blemishes

Removes dirt and debris

No Acne

The main point to under is the importance of Skincare

Why one must follow a skin care

The answer is skin care is important if you want you are one who wants to have good and healthy skin

Skincare does not  mean that one day you layer all the product and then forget it for a long time No It's not like that and even it's a myth that you only need high end or premium skincare products only for good skin


Instead You must follow a strict skin care routine every day no matter you opt homemade diy for skin care

Natural cleanser (raw milk )

Raw milk is the best option for cleansing skin as it contains lactic acid in it which cleans your skin well.

Natural scrub  (sugar and lemon)

This combination of sugar and lemon scrub is very effective for removing dead skin cells. Many dermatologists said that it works as a diy glycolic peel.

I think everyone is aware that glycolic peels are known for adding glow to skin.

Note: don't go for those harsh strokes on skin to scrub 

Instead you should use a free hand and just make the granules to roll on your skin that's it, and does it job 

Even a market scrub with those harsh granules damages your skin which can not be seen through your naked eye.

Natural toner and ( Best option is rose water)

Rose water is well known to balance your skin ph and yet makes refreshing and hydrating this hydrating toner can spritz your skin ayll day long.

Most effective skincare home remedies for healthy skin

Natural face mask ( curd, besan and turmeric)

Besan is the best option for every skin type as a face pack .

The only thing you have to do is changes the other ingredient combining in that 

Anti-aging face mask

To make an anti-ageing yogurt mask take one fourth cup of yogurt and add a mashed banana to it.

For example

For dry skin add honey with besan

For oily skin add rose water with besan

For sensitive skin add curd with besan

Use of turmeric is optional in all 

 Curd is the product that helps in  preventing wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines. 

Also curd is known to brightens and tightens your skin and it also shrinks  your pores and makes your skin radiant.

And it's also proven that the lactic acid in curd makes it the best anti-ageing

Curd or lactic acid is an ingredient that has to be included in your skincare regime


 There are few options for diy skin care packs that will remind you of your grandma's how they use to take care of their skin naturally. 

Most effective skincare home remedies for healthy skin

home-made pack: 

Everyone has a different skin type. 

Some people have oily skin,

 some have dry and combination skin, 

while some have sensitive skin.

 You must know your skin type before you start any skincare routine. 

One thing you must keep in mind that the products you use on your face should suit your skin type. A wrong skin care will ruins everything instead of benefit the ingredients may harm you

Always remember the wrong  choice of ingredient may be diy or market products. Ingredients can damage your skin and create skin problems like

  •  Acne,

  •  Allergies 

  • Redness  

  • Dryness and

  • Enlarged skin pores

You should visit a dermatologist at least once in two months to stay updated on your skin and its needs.

The diy or homemade Products are custom made or tailor-made for your skin type; all you need to do is proper research before using anything on the skin.

 The skin of your face is extremely sensitive. Proper skin care must be taken in order to keep it healthy, especially those people with sensitive skin should be more conscious .

Home-made products are always better than the products you buy from the market. They are cheaper, easy to make and more beneficial. 

All of our grandmas and moms have made face packs with the different ingredients present in the household and the best part is that they actually work like magic. 

 For more options on diy skincare, skin care products and make please do visit our site

Face packs are an important part of your face care routine. They provide a lot of benefits to your skin. Especially home-made face packs make your skin look healthy and gives it a natural glow.

Importance of face pack in skincare routine

 The main reason for homemade skincare is it helps in removing all the dirt and impurities from the upper surface of your skin.

They also help in removing the dead skin cells very mildly that accumulate on your skin.

 Using face packs on a regular basis gives you the best results and deeply nourishes your skin and that's all you want right.

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  Best Skin Tint from Just Herbs Hi Here is another beauty product review which has a Benefit of both makeup and skin care in short I can sa...

 Best Skin Tint from

Just Herbs


Here is another beauty product review which has a Benefit of both makeup and skin care in short I can say Best Skin Tint from Just Herbs

Is a form of makeup infused with skin care or can also be said as a skincare infused with makeup.

Hello beauties if you are a person who look to go for no makeup makeup look or You are a beginner makeup person or A person who hates that foundation that cakes your face Then then then this skin tint is for you

Packaging of the product is nice , the product comes in glass bottle with golden pump,It's a certified organic and natural origin product

The quantity of the product is 40 ml.

Best Skin Tint from Just Herb

This skin tint will provides a sheer coverage on skin it really blurs out skin imperfection and all the ingredients are so natural that it nutures you skin really well,the best option for daily use in today's scenario Staying online appears is really needed either you are a professional , student or a home maker this product is good to go for that online appearence.

Just Herbs is an Indian brand that makes or promote chemical free skincare and makeup products. The product enriched with the best skincare herbs

If you are a person who wants to support make in India beauty product then go for this brand

The only drawback is it's little expensive but look instead of buying a Moisturiser, bb cream , cc cream or sunscreen you are good to go with single skin tint which does a work of all alone.

Please take a moment to visit site for chemical free products

Best Skin Tint from Just Herb

Makeup infused Skincare benefits

  • Available in 12 different shades
  • Suits all indian skin tones.

Ingredients list

Key ingredients

  • indian kudzu (pueraria tuberosa) 

  •  javitri (myristica fragrans) 

  • usheer (vetiveria zizanioides)

  • manjishtha* (rubia cordifolia) 

  • vansh (bambusa arundinacea) 

  • madhuka* (glycyrrhiza glabra) 

  • naagkesar (mesua ferrea) 

  • padmakashtha

  • brahmi* (centella asiatica) 

  • laksha (laccifer lacca)

  • twak* (cinnamomum zeylanicum) 

  • indian lotus (nelumbo nucifera) 

  • gerika (red ochre)

  •  titanium dioxide 

  • zinc oxide 

  •  china clay 

  • purified water (aqua),

  •  coconut (cocus nucifera)

  • oil derivatives

  • cold presse rosehip (rosa mosqueta) seed oil, 

  • cold pressed wheatgerm (triticum aestivum) oil, 

  • cold pressed jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil,

  • aloevera* (aloe barbadensis) leaf juice, 

  • cetearyl olivate

  • cold pressed avocado (persea gratissima) oil, 

  • vegetable glycerine,

  • octyldodecanol**, 

  • sorbitan olivate**, 

  • shea (butyrospermum parkii) butter, 

  • soy lecithin,

  • aprylyl glycol, 

  • potassium sorbate

  • gluconolactone, 

  • sodium gluconate**, 

  • ethylhexylglycerin,

  • natural preservative blend of herbs and essential oils.

The complete quantity and percentages can be seen in the pic below.

Best Skin Tint from Just Herbs

Best Reviews about the product

I had been using many expensive creams but this is totally no doubt best on my skin and if you are a person with dry skin then this skin tint works as a magic 

As I said this product moisturise dry skin and also If anyone has oily skin still this product looks very smooth just add a touch up of compact powder or loose powder.

  This product give a natural touch without harming the skin you can apply daily with no worries of chemicals to clog skin pores or any sort of skin damage. The reason behind are the herb or ingredient of the product that suits every skin well.

I am a person who wanted a light  weight skincare and makeup product which could be used daily. My search ends with just herbs skin tint. Turns out a bit oily after few hours of application but that is sorted by using a compact.

 It's a good product

It really feel so natural on face when I applied soft and smooth skin thank God my face is clear I had no pimples problems etc so no need make up on daily useage overall excellent product price little bit is high but ok with no chemicals compare to lakme cc cream this is best I buy again and I expect compact powder


Its a time for final conclusion my personal experience with this product is really good 👌👌👌 I love the texture of the product it builds a very natural coverage on your skin really provides that natural and fresh look

And that's something every girl wants

Only a quantity of the product is enough for application and if you want any small flaws to cover then only apply small amount of second layer to skin.

It's really time saving makeup products

I really love the product the reason behind is it's ingredients like manjishtha and zinc oxides , manjishtha us known for skin brightening and where as zinc oxides protects your skin and many people who goes for diy sunscreens do search for zinc oxides as it makes a best skin protectant.

Herb Enriched Skin Tint from Just Herb is the best skin tint.

Pls do keep visiting my site site for more skincare ,makeup reviews and home remedies.