What is Balayage hair colour

What is Balayage hair colour

Balayage is a French word that means to paint or it can be sweep it's a hair colour technique which highlights.

The cost or price are based on 
Short hairs and
Long hair

Usually balayage aims to provide sun kissed and natural look to hairs.

Balayage hair colour price 

As balayage hair colour technique is such a time consuming process to complete so it tends to be one of the priciest form of hair colouring while if one goes for highlights it cost may be expected to be less 

Highlights are categorised as



Long highlights

Light highlights are usually at cost of 70$

For partial or short it can be 150$

For long. It depends based on length of colouring.


Balayage hair colours in India

Balayage being a new and yet popular hair colouring trend it likely to cost you more than a regular hair colour session.

But the average cost can be 150 - 200 USD
Expect it to cost above 4000 INR at a premium or a branded saloons.

What is ombre hair

Ombre hairs means to shadow and it's a seamless graduation form which is from darker shades for some areas and lighter at some areas

Usually people like to go for prominent highlights of hair for some hairs and provides different shades right from root to tip

Balayage vs ombre hair colouring

Balayage is free hand hair colouring technique that origins from France in 1970

As I told you the aim of this technique is to make hair look sun kissed and as natural as possible because of this reason celebs are embracing this technique or looks 

Ombre hair colour is another type of hair dying where colors gradually fades or darkening from roots to tips 

In other words some areas will be prominent or more visible than the other ares

The over all look for ombre is bold.

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