Set Eyebrow at Home

Set Eyebrow at Home like Professional


As we all are aware that grooming your eyebrows plays a vital role in your overall face looks 

To some a bushy eyebrow may be suitable for some thick eyebrows and for some it may be thin eyebrows 

But the thing which is important is that perfect shape for your eyebrows. Yes that true 

So if you are one which wants to how you should easily get that perfect eyebrows shape here comes a video.

Here is a small guidance on how to groom or set your eyebrows at home like a professional. At time you may not be able to make eye brow at parlour regularly

So here is a small demonstration on how to groom your eyebrows like Professional at home with very simple steps 

In three simple steps you could have a achieve that desire shape

Things required

  • Spoolie

  • Eyebrow Plucker 

  • Small rod

  • Eye liner pencil

Eye pen or kajal pencil may be of any colour may be black, white, grey , blue etc
 The requirement of eye pencil is just to mark points to consider while giving a perfect  shape to your eyebrows.

This video demonstration from makeup school will really help you to shape your eyebrows.

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