Natural hair dye

Natural hair dye

Many people nowadays are facing hair problems , which is just because of chemicals present in shampoo or hair oil or might also be because of artificial hair dye and if you are someone facing the same hair issues like damaged hair , frizz hair or white hairs, here comes the solution.


Natural hair dye


Some of the natural ingredients which can provides a natural tint to your hair are the following

  • Carrot juice. 
  • Beet juice. 
  • Henna. 
  • Lemon juice. 
  • Coffee. 
  • Sage. 
  • Chamomile tea. 

Natural hair dye best

Carrot can provide your hair a reddish-orange tint.

Beetroot is a kind of natural permanent hair dye

Natural hair dye with coffee
Some only needs coffee to be mixed with henna and egg white which not only covers grey hairs but also makes hair conditioning and makes your hairs manageable.

Not only this remedy but almost all henna packs makes your hair manageable.


People who use beetroot for cooking they might  know their juice makes a powerful dye. With the natural food pigments, beet juice is great for a temporary color change , people who need a reddish or purple dye can go for beetroot.

Natural hair dye without chemicals
And all the natural ingredients can be used alone or the best can be combo of henna
Beetroot or
Carrot or
Black tea 

Natural hair dye
Many people also like to add curd along with the veggies juices or black tea  also.

All so you can go with a small diy for mehndi for white hairs .
Where you need 

Natural hair dye

Amla powder (dry roasted)
Coffee curd 
Indigo herbal dye
Black tea

Swati have given a good demonstration on how to prepare a mehendi or henna for white hair

After preparing henna she left overnight. Applies in the morning and kept the henna for at least four hours and wash off

Wash your hair with only normal soap or shampoo

And you can achieve a big difference.

What is Balayage hair colour

Balayage is a French word that means to paint or it can be sweep it's a hair colour technique which highlights.

The cost or price are based on 



Short hairs and

Long hair

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