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L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF 17

by - March 23, 2020

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF 17


Here is another product from loreal brand to treat your uneven skin tone 

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF 17

It is really a powerful skin brightening Day Cream to correct all skin issue  & also a  face moisturizer created by L'Oréal SkinCare Laboratories for skin brightening benefits for a radiant look

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream

It also Instantly hydrates and brightens the skin, while reducing dark spots to boost fairness.

Melanin-Vanish & Tourmaline Gemstone that provides 50X intense radiance and a more transparent complexion.

For better result try to Use every day 
It is also Dermatologically tested Suited for oily, dry & all skin types
And also can be applied in all seasons.

The cream exactly won't whitens your complexion but it really removes all blemishes , uneven skin tone marks and spots so that your skin looks so whitens.

My Experience 

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF 17

I do a own oily skin and this is perfect cream for me in winter or summer both, and however the bottle last long  we need to apply little bit of it or can also be applied with foundation after applying it in summer to solve oily screen,I am using beauty products from L'oreal from past 5 year and getting yet excellent result so can suggest to ,use combination of night and day cream to get best results

The consistency of the cream is good so that it can be used a long way

It feels as if we are applying a thick sunscreen to our face that cream whitishness remains on skin for at least 15 to 20 mins and goes off.

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