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Spot Corrector

by - February 18, 2020


Bio Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti Acne Cream


If you are one looking for a good spot correcting cream that is too affordable , then the brand that comes to mind is biotique Company and the name is  Bio Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti Acne Cream.



This cream is so soothing and this  spot correcting cream helps to clear up blemishes and also promote pore less, flawless skin-without flakiness or dryness.


Daru haldi (Berberis aristata),
Choti dudhi (Euphorbia thymifolia),
Gandhpura (Gultheriafragrantissima),
 Neem (Melia azadirachta indica), C
ream Base Q.S.

How to Use:

Do not apply any spot corrector without cleansing .Apply to cleansed skin, on affected areas only, morning and evening until skin is clear.
For best results use products on a regular basis.

I've been using Biotique products for several years now such as serum, cleanser  or face wash (which means, of course, they are not curative). This particular lump of magic has always been a delight as always.

Let me tell you that I had extremely sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin, and most things don't work, or worse, worsen the situation for even more for  me.

 Then I came to know about this product at a cosmetics shop, and has ever since been a handy correction tool.

Whenever I have new pimples , one application will disappear overnight when this product is applied.


However, this cream should only be applied to the affected areas to correct the spot.

Can also be applied on the new pimple and the immediate surroundings, but not the whole face.

 It smells pretty cool, like it just came out of the woods, and it stings a little bit, but that's indicates working of the product.

So yes, finally I do recommend it to anybody who has acne prone skin and needs to make a pimple (almost) disappear.


The product may not result same
On everybody's skin

As every being  is different in terms of how it reacts to different plant-based products; but that said, this one is a pretty safe .

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