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Ponds super light gel

by - February 07, 2020

Ponds super light gel

Lovelies Ladies

If you are Looking for 24 hours of moisturization for your skin? Yet very affordable and best suitable for all skin types.

Now Look no further………introducing the all new pond’s super light gel 
Ponds super light gel

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You can  go to moisturizer for all seasons. 


Infused with the goodness of 

  • hyaluronic acid, 
  • vitamin e and 
  • glycerine.

This super light GEL moisturizer absorbs faster than regular creams and gives 24-hour hydration for a water Fresh glow. 
Ponds super light gel

Mainly the product helps restore the moisture balance to keep your skin soft and smooth. It's a  very lightweight gel formula absorbs into the skin instantly without leaving any sticky feeling, 
making it ideal for all seasons, all skin types , even in scorching summers. 

Ponds super light gel

Infused with  ingredients that moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, this moisturiser gel improves your skin’s natural moisture holding capacity, making it soft and supple, smooth and bouncy from within. It's a very  non-oily formula that keeps oiliness and stickiness at bay, keeping your skin feeling fresh and glowing from am to pm. (Really long lasting).

The best  gel for 24-hour moisture lock technology locks in moisture deep within your skin all day long. It's super lightweight formula spreads easily on face making it easy to apply. For all skin types  suitable and yet for all seasons, this moisturizer is the perfect fit for you throughout the year.

All I can say is " Say goodbye" to your moisturizing woes with the pond's institute’s first ever, lightest gel formula - the all new pond’s super light gel.

Product Features & details

  1. It's Super lightweight and non-oily gel formula

  1. Moisturises skin with 24 hour moisture lock

  1. Ideal for all year round use

  1. Spreads easily and instantly absorbs
  2. Leaves skin soft, with a water-fresh glow

  1. Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin Enriched nourishing care


Really the product is a Good!!!!!

Hydrating and lightweight

This product is a super lightweight moisturiser and is suitable for summers. I like itvery much and  more than the Ponds Light Moisturiser also, which is also a recently launched product from the company.


1. It is non-greasy and non-sticky Gel.
2. It absorbs quickly into the skin
3. It is lightweight and oil-free, hence can be used by oily skinned people  so comfortably
4. Easy to use even under makeup and blends makeup so well.
5. Provides very good hydration as it contains ingredient Hyaluronic acid, which is also anti-aging. (Hyaluronic acid helps to bind water to collagen in the skin, thus trapping moisture in the skin, so that skin appears plump, dewy and more hydrated.)
6. Contains Vitamin E , reason to glow
7. Pleasant fragrance and  Reasonably priced

The product is moisturising for normal/oily skin people almost all skin types . 

However, for dry skin people or during winters, more hydration may be needed than this so add any moisturiser. 

Nowadays there are many other Hyaluronic acid containing products in the market but which are also quite expensive. For example, compared to Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel, laneige water sleeping mask or final Clinique-gel-moisturiser moisturiser gel this Ponds product is cheaper but also much comparative less hydrating. So if you want light hydration then it is good for the price you can go for it.

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