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kaya pore minimizing toner review

by - February 03, 2020

kaya pore minimizing toner review


And welcome again, how are you all.

I am here with another product review which is kaya pore minimizing toner review      

kaya pore minimizing toner review

kaya pore minimizing toner review

If you are a person looking for toner that tightens your skin pores, and removes dirt
And makeup and which toner is also alcohol free then go for kaya pore minimizing toner . I can say you will love this product.

kaya pore minimizing toner review Benefits

The product is good at Removing impurities.

It also Minimizes pores and 

leaves skin smooth

Refreshed and comfortable

It is an Alcohol free toner with Witch Hazel extract and soothing botanicals like Cucumber to minimize pores.

Also known to Gently removes impurities and leaves the skin feeling smooth, refreshed and comfortable.

It also contains Niacinamide for even-toned skin.

 Formula researched and developed by dermatologists.

How to use toner for Everyday Care:

If your skin is not healthy or dull, it will reflect on your complexion too. The skin needs simple and adequate care to stay healthy and radiant. It requires a number of nutrients just like every other part of the body to remain healthy.
kaya pore minimizing toner review

kaya pore minimizing toner review


1. Formulated with Witch Hazel and Cucumber extract.

2. Cucumber extracts ensure that skin feels refreshed and comfortable.

3. Niacinamide,is  known whitening agent, helps tackle uneven skin-tone.

How Much to Use toner:

Apply on a cotton ball or cotton swab and use the toner by applying all over the face.
 instructions given on the bottle use the product as per instructions.

Suitable Skin Type:

Kaya Daily Pore Minimizing Toner is suitable for all skin types like combination, dry, normal & oily skin.


It's a good toner for oily skin or combination skin , keeps skin oil free for sometime. 

Also it says that its an alcohol free product which contains witch hazel and cucumber extracts which is good for skin but one draw back is it contains parabens so if you are a person looking for paraben free toner then this is not a right choice. 


When it Comes to packaging it comes in a very good pump bottle which lock away with a turn. Delivery was on time came nicely packed.

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