Face Pack for Acne

Face Pack for Acne 

Kama Ayurveda Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack


Today's review is on Kama Ayurveda 
Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack . If you are a person suffering from acne and it's marks then go for this product.

Face Pack for Acne

An anti-acne treatment that heals

Face Pack for Acne 

  •  pimples or Acne and blackheads, 
  • reduces scars appearances,
  •  improves skin tone
  •  and repairs inflammation,
  • swelling and discomfort 
  • while correcting early signs of ageing, which is the best part of this product.

And  It also lightens post-acne scarring and prevents hyperpigmentation.

An Ayurvedic treatment for acne and pimples that also helps to reduce those stubborn Acne Scars and dark circles

 Kama Ayurveda Product works on

  • To reduce Acne
  • To reduce Acne scars
  • To remove Dark circles
  • To sooth skin
  • On hyperpigmentation works well.
  • Add glow on face
  • Also brightens skin
  • Ingredients like ashwagandha also help to avoid early signs of aging on skin.
  • Sandalwood makes skin clear
  • Coriander removes discomfort from skin.

Face Pack for Acne

When show results

The product is known to show effective results after 21 applications


Vetiveria zizaniodies. (Vetiver)
Santalum album  (Indian sandal wood)
Coriandrum sativum (coriander)

How to use Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack

Mix 1-2 teaspoon with water or buttermilk to form a paste.

Apply the paste on moist skin, on clean face

Apply the paste on the affected and surrounding area .Allow the face pack to work for 10- 15 minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm water.

When to use:

It can be used daily once a day may be morning or at night.


The results are really Ok works wonders on active pimples but dries your skin ...

 works wonders on active pimples but note sometimes it dries your skin highly.

Many people guess it can be spot treatment only but no it's  a full face pack...continues use will help u get rid of active acne 

But the result may not be the same for all skin to some people. This product has added glow on skin too.

The product is best for lazy people who couldn't work with well with homemade face packs and unknown with best Anti acne ingredients, you simply need to add   to a plate and add rose water or buttermilk 
And there you go.

And the plus point of the product is it's also works on acne scarring  many market anti acne product works only on acne and results for acne scars

But this product also works on skin with pores and scars.

Drawbacks of the product

Sometimes it dries your skin ,to avoid skin drying plz add moisturizer to your skin routine.

Results for Acne removal may differ from person to person.

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