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Beauty supplement

by - February 28, 2020

Beauty supplement

OZiva Plant Based Biotin


"If you are one looking for a good supplement if beauty for a daily use 

Beauty supplement

Then this product of beauty supplement is for you.

It takes care of skin , hair and nails too, because of one ingredient that is biotin."

Beauty supplement

It is believed that "fitness" has 3 pillars - good nutrition, physical activity, and mental well-being. 

And For people to be a healthier & better version of yourself, these pillars need to be solid.

However,  it is a known fact that in India, more than 70% of people are unable to strike a balance between their macro & micronutrients. 

OZiva  plant based supplement brand has born with the simple purpose of providing people, and more specifically, for Indians, with Clean, Raw & Natural Nutrition while making it convenient and affordable to achieve good skin.


What ingredients make it Super amazing product ?

It has a blend of-

Sesbania Agati - Rich in biotin and promotes healthy hair and skin.
Bamboo Shoot - Rich in silica and gives shiny hair.
Amla- Filled with Vitamin C and promotes hair growth.
Pomegranate-Contains antioxidants and has anti-aging properties.

Beauty supplement


Beauty supplement

This powder supplement contains natural herbs which can help you in hair growth, healthy skin.
If you are someone who workout daily and take good nutrients then you must include this biotin in your diet which will help you to get results even faster.

I have been consuming this biotin supplement for a week and more and found good results for skin and hair .As it has amla which improves thin hairs and sesbania which surely  gives you good glow on your skin.

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