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Daily skin care routine home remedies

by - January 14, 2020

Daily skin care routine home remedies

Hi ladies

Natural skin care at home is always a beat option because now a days not all parlors
 Are hygienic.

When many ladies approach a dermatologist for skin issues their first suggestion is to avoid beauty parlors for facial, eyebrows and threading
At least till the treatment is going on.

So I can say daily skin care is the best option

daily skin care includes 

Toning and 

And yes that could be achieved through home or natural products ,

So here we go with 3 steps


 Always a raw milk is the best option for a good Cleanser. Just use a few drops of milk or more if you need
and slowly massage all over face and wash off with cold water


Apple cider vinegar is the best toner to maintain pH of your skin 
You need to add one part of Apple cider vinegar and three part of normal water and your diy toner is ready


The best moisturiser can be almond oil for the skin just like any other serum or market moisturizer apply a few drops of almond oil and give it a good massage
And your done
It can also be a good night cream

The best procedure for black heads can be these following 

Baking soda 

All you need to follow is mix honey one spoon and one spoon of salt and one fourth of baking soda and now with the help of make up brush apply the mixture over nose
Leave it for 10 min and wash off

For more information on skin care and home remedies plz view

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