How to Take Care of Skin Naturally

How to Take Care of Skin Naturally

Face Wash regularly.
Follow these tips recommended by dermatologists to help you keep your face glowing looking healthy. So here we go to achieve a healthy Skin.

Here an option is Use a gentle cleanser that does not contain alcohol and paraben. Wet your face with lukewarm water to open your skin pores and usually use your fingertips to apply cleanser.
Accessories could be  washcloth, mesh sponge, or anything other than yours fingertips.
To keep away skin issues
Bacteria washing with warm water is must. Washing with warm water and do use a gentle soap so it couldn't be harsh also it can reduce the amount of oil on the skin. ...

How to Take Care of Skin Naturally

Use a toner. ..
Do use a gulab jal so that it maintains a skin pH balance at also helps to draw excess oil or sebum or you can also prepare a cucumber toner by mixing water and cucumber slice in a blender, sieve out the pulp and use the toner by store in a bottle
You can also store it to a spray bottle

Pat the face dry. ..
Use a clean cloth always to be hygiene, 
Remember for good skin you need to keep skin and prep 

Use a facial mask. ..
Besan facial mask made up with besan turmeric and Rose water it cleans your skin well
Multani mitti also removes excess oil from face so all you need to do is Multani mitti , aloe Vera gel and few drops of rose water.

Apply moisturizers.
Few things that moisturise skin can be yogurt ,honey and oils.
You can apply a good moisturiser though you have oily skin don't ignore moisturiser
It's completely your choice how you moisturise like oil ( jojoba ,olive , or coconut)
Market creams can also be a good option

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Mostly asked FAQ in Skin Care
Most of the time people ask question like, are toner ,Essence and facial oil same or different.
Are Toner ,essence and facial oil Same?
Face oil can be treated as moisturiser or essence but not a toner 
If we talk about toner , essence or facial oil
 this are 4 ,5 and 6 step numbers in skin care
So they cannot be same
Toners, also called softeners,as they "helps to maintain the balance of  your skin's.
Maintains  pH levels and also prep your skin with a bit of hydration so it can better absorb the following further treatments,of your skin care " and can be applied with your fingertips or a cotton pad.
The next product comes is Essence , they are mostly considered as  the heart of the Korean skincare routine. 
If I had to pick just one of the three products from skin care, skin experts say don't skip on the essence!
Essense aid in cell turnover, 
They also leads to smoother texture over time, also provide the skin with nourishing vitamins 
Which are for best absorption, 
The product should be pat on  skin with your hands. 
Facial oils  are high in natural ingredients need to moisturise skin.
Facial oils are skin-identical ingredients that are respectful of your skin's while also highly effective. 
If you want a radiant glow than product you have to go for are facial oils.
A well-chosen facial oil is a must have and should be acc to skin type. 
Skincare facial oils are literally comes in all shapes ,all sizes and well customised.
Facial oil promotes a Face healthy glow. ...
Facial oil can help blending of foundation apply more smoothly. ...
Facial oil can also  protect your skin from harmful pollutants.

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