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Tips and Tricks for Makeup

by - December 02, 2019

Tips and Tricks for makeup


In Today's world who doesn't want their makeup to last long and really long. so in this blog I want to share some tips and tricks to wear makeup for a good long time As many people suffer from makeup cracking, creating of line on face from makeup, or sometimes make up melt off.

Tips and Tricks for makeup

So in this blog you can find some of the solution to makeup problems

Tips and Tricks for Makeup

Few things you required to wear makeup for long time can be






ALL the products above can be used for making a makeup long lasting  especially for those " OILY SKIN PEOPLE"


Many people don't know that corn starch solution can absorb excess oil from the face and provide a different  powdery- dry,smooth skin , helps to control immediate and residual shine ,oily and sticky.

In a bowl take water and add one tablespoon of cornstarch and mix well 
And now with the help of sponge apply it to oily areas of skin specially that T zone area 

Now start your makeup


Many beauticians in their parlour make use of ice 
Now it depend on ice can be applied even before make or maybe rub after applying makeup base.

Rubbing ice over foundation or any other base will seal or lock the bases and prevent your makeup from cracking and looks caky

Many celebs have admitted that before makeup they make use of ice
Actress have be Pooja from jo jeeta wohi sikander aur may be Katrine kaif
All make a admit they do go for use of ice for makeup and as well as skin care
It's numbness will help skin to loose dryness

Tips and Tricks for makeup              


Beauty blender as name it self say it helps in blending makeup

So when blender gets wet, would become softer and thus work better. 

 It helps in easy application like laying your makeup all over your face and neck without any lines of demarcation. 

Blender helps to melt makeup product into your skin as you bounce it."


Instead of normal water use ice cold water to dip your beauty BLENDER then after BLENDER wet in cold water
Remove excess water and apply foundation
This helps to seal makeup and last long


Setting powder is well known to everyone and a term of baking is used to increase the wear time of makeup

As it is  designed to be used with foundation.

The function of setting powder is  to “set” or hold your foundation in place and prevent it from rubbing off.

As setting POWDER helps to decrease the temperature of skin and avoid your makeup to be caky

Setting powder also can also be used to reduce the sticky feeling , oiliness, shine that foundation often has after applying .


 And now last but not the least
comes makeup primer.

It is a base for foundation or face makeup which not only make makeup long lasting but also hides skin pores

It also allows makeup to go on smoother .

It creates a nice base and increase the texture of skin so that you apply anything on skin after primer it blends well 

And the quantity required is also minimal of both primers and foundation

Primers  are available in cream, gel and powder. ... makeup primers can also help smooth any fine lines, wrinkles or large pores

For more such info plz check



A review on the foundation which comes. In all  16 unique shades and now in 4 tubes, Maybelline fit me foundation - matte plus pore less is made to fit all the diverse Indian skin tone.

 Foundation is for normal to oily skin and refines pores for a natural-looking and with such a good matte finish. 

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