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Saturday, 2 November 2019

Beauty tips oily Skin

Beauty tips oily Skin

Skin care Products for Oily skin and Acne

Beauty tips oily Skin

Hi Everyone

Today in this blog I want to talk about how a people with oily skin should take care of their skin,
As we also know a oily skin may leads to many skin problems 

Everyone has oil glands in skin that is sebaceous glands that produce sebum

And the problems occurs when sebum mixes with dead skin cells

  • And that get stuck in to skin , close your skin pores and thus leads to break outs 

And further is not taken care leads to
Oily skin issue like blemish , pimples ,black heads and white heads

Other reasons for oily skin can be genetic reason 
Environmental reason 
Due to lifestyle

But if taken regular cars than it may also looks great and flawless so few steps you have to taken for skin benefits can be the tips oily Skin

Oily Skin Care products in India

  • Cleanser
  • Toner 
  • facepack and
  • Moisturizer

Cleanser for oily skin

A cleanser is a facial care product used for many reasons like to remove dead skin cells , for removing makeup,removes excess of oil and other environmental pollutant

It helps in making free your clog pores and prevent your skin from issue like Acne and dark spots

#good cleanser

Beauty tips oily Skin

A good cleanser for oil skin can be a cetaphil cleanser , dermafique is for Acne affected skin


As it name say it self it will tone your skin ,a thelp also helps to close pores and tighten cells gaps
It's essential after cleansing, as it liquid absorb very well in skin ,also mean to reduce the penetration of environment impurities and contaminants of the skin
It also help to protect your skin from that harmful chlorine and minerals comes from tap water when you wash your face or take bath
Humectant type of toner are also know to bind the moisture in to your skin

#good toners

A good toner can be a one with ingredients like rose, cucumber or can be of green tea

Face pack

Multani can tightens skin and also get rids of marks , pimples and acne
As it can draws excess oil from face and that's how it can avoid further acne break outs

Skin care Products for Oily skin and Acne face pack

Multani Face pack

Face packs are right solution for both moisturing your skin and also removes excess of oil from skin and yet also helps to improve appearance of skin by closing open pores of the skin
It's an excellent way to removes impurities (effective way to pullout impurities of the skin)

Tips for oily Skin care


The packs are special source of pampering skin ,gives you a special experience of spa  right at your door steps.


A good face pack can be of multani mitti ( fullers earth) and rose or sandal
It can be home made or can be a ready made brand from market

Moisturizer for oily skin

Though your skin is oily you can't take a risk of avoiding a Moisturizer for oily skin…………
Moisturizer reduces the chance of aging and many skin problems
Selecting a right kind of moisturiser is very important as it helps to maintain a balance…
Moisturising in a right way can also  reduce the chance of blemishes appearance
Moisturising helps your skin stay young 
Moisturising also help fight that wrinkles and fine lines 

#good moisturiser

For more Beauty tips oily Skin plz

view on cleanser, toner u can plz check

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