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For Skin care Home remedies

For Skin care Home Remedies

Right from kitchen products

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It's a dream of every girl to look best with minimal efforts and yet remedies are affordable too and don't even consume much time………..Every Girl secret desire is to look beautiful, bright complexion and flawless skin

But few factors like mostly our pollution make skin look dull , damage ,oily and lifeless. So at this moment what can be done on a regular bases to make skin a good and beautiful looking.


Natural cleansers. 

Raw milk

A Raw milk is a natural cleanser to remove all dirt from face and impurities
All you have to do is dip a cotton ball in raw milk and apply to your face and massage after few minutes wash it off with plain water


Turmeric is a product used to brightens skin , in olden days before a girls marriage a face  pack of turmeric is applied due to its antibacterial properties that help to cleanse the skin and keep it healthy
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The right time to apply turmeric is in the morning that to before shower reason for this a turmeric gives a nice yellow tint to skin

Face pack procedure
1 table spoon of besan , a spoon of turmeric , half a lemon and half a spoon honey 

This back brightens skin and makes look prettiest

Natural Toner

Apple cider vinegar
A Apple cider vinegar have a good result when applied to skin , many skin experts called it as a natural skin toner.
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How to prepare Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

3:1 ratio of water and ACV 
75% of normal water with 25% of Apple cider vinegar
This helps to tightens skin pores
Cleans skin the skin well
It's also removes Acne scars

FOR SKIN CARE Natural scrub

Coconut oil and Sugar used for Scrubbing
Many DIY scrubs are make spl with sugar granules
Combine coconut oil and sugar in a small bowl, and stir to combine. Rub sugar face scrub into clean facial or neck skin, using gentle circular motions, for 60 seconds. Rinse dry with warm water.

Olive oil can be mix with sugar granules and gently massage in circular to remove dead skin cells

Oatmeal's can be also used for scrubbing as it removes dead skin cell ,make skin so supple and provides nourishment

Acne scar removal with ACV

In this remedy you need
Cinnamon powder
Apple cider vinegar
Nut Meg powder
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Take a spoon of honey add a quarter of cinnamon powder,two table spoon of Apple cider vinegar and a small pinch of nutmeg powder
( note don't add excess amount of nutmeg powder it may harm your skin).

Natural Face Pack

Besan ( Gram flour)
Right from the time of our grand mother when we think of skin care the first thing comes to mind is gram flour or besan.
Besan is known to remove dirt from skin and deeply removes toxins and does deep cleaning

#beasn mask

Besan is one product used for both people of dry skin and oily skin too ,but in quiet I different way

For dry skin

Beasn it self moisturise and make dry skin supple but if you mix besan with honey , almond oil or yogurt it does nourishment to skin

For oily skin

Besan removes excess oil from skin and control oily skin, and doesn't dry your skin
Mix besan with Rose Water to control extra oil production

Natural moisturizer


Honey is a product known to add glow on face specially for winter season
Honey can be applied with lemon
Honey can be applied with besan
Honey can be applied on face in many Diy
#natural moisturiser #glow

Honey is a product used to treat acne due to its anti bacterial properties and it's also a source for antioxidant
The main source for boosting complexion.

Few products like applying and massaging following act as a good natural Moisturizer for skin

Olive oil
Almond oil 

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