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winter skin care Routine

Winter Skin care Routine

Winter skin care must have products

Hi everyone

In Today scenario every thing is made up of chemical and with alot of side effects ,so why not take care of our skin with affordable product and yet useful results

Winter care means taking care for those dry skin of face , hand ,legs and lips

U need to apply hydrating products to lock moisture with products ingredients like honey, avacado, olive oil ,jojoba oil,almond oil ,aloe vera  and vit e oil . ( or you can apply direct this organic product mask on face also as home made remedy)

The must have products of winters are

  • Body lotion
  • Face moisturise
  • Lip balm
  • Face oils
  • Hair protein cream

Winter skin care routine

Body lotions:

Body lotions tends to have a higher water content so they are lighter in texture and more easily absorbed when compared to oil

My favourite body lotion is nivea nourishing body milk it so suitable for my skin
Very very much hydrating solution and helpful for both hand and body lotion
Nivea body lotion

The basics routine of body lotion

For those best result one must apply lotion right after you shower ,reason behind is your skin should be warm not completely dried out as it help skin to be ready for absorption


The super ingredient present in this product is almond oil

Winter skin care Moisturizer:

Moisturizer are great for your skin ,it plumps up the skin and help reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles.
It also protect the skin from various effects of weather like heat or wind
Iba Moisturizer

My favourite moisturiser is iba aloe Vera no blemish cream, it smells really good and its easily get absorbs in skin ,non sticky ,light weight and goodness of aloe Vera and cucumber


It can be Applied both day and night
Take a pea size of moisturiser in hand and warm it ,start applying from forehead to rest of face in upward movement


  • Aloe Vera
  • Cucumber

Winter skin care Lip balm:

The skin if your lips are much thinner than face so it's important to hydrate them as well to avoid dried and chapped

Nature's lip balm

My favourite lip balm are from nature's brand both red one with strawberry  and pink stick lip balm with rhat of fruits ingredients are my favourite they smell really nice (fruity) give good tint to lips ,non sticky and last long lip balm

Winter skin care Facial oil:

People don't know importance of facial oil
Certain oil can actually help balance your skin oil production, minimise the appearance of pores and remove Grimes and fat pores

Facial oil rosehip
When it comes to facial oil rose hip oil is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!
And I prefer good vibes rosehip oil
you can view the complete article on good vibes rosehip serum


  • Many traditional beauties secret is rose hip oil which add glow and brightness.

Winter care Hair protein cream:

It enhance hair growth ,make hair non frizzy smooth and silky also avoid more dandruff

Himalaya protein hair cream
When it come to hair cream Himalaya is to affordable and yet effective


Himalaya herbal protein cream for hair contain ingredients that is Indian gooseberry which is natural hair tonic help to treat hair and scalp it also strengthens the hair follicle and its antioxidant

How to apply

Hair cream can be applied before shower and wash your hair or can be applied after shower

keep drinking ample of water regularly to keep body and skin super hydrated

For more information on skin care plz check 

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