Beauty blog-askinfriend: What does a facial toner do

What does a facial toner do

What does a Facial Toner Do

VLCC Rose Water Toner Skin Defence Review

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Today there is a review on another Toner from VLCC  and what does a facial toner do to ones skin
Natural Science
This skin toner act as a cooling and Refreshing agent,its well known to Tone ,Nourish and balance the skin. It a essential part of skin care

Toner , Rose water toner


Founded by Mrs.Vandan Luthra it a very famous brand for Beauty and Wellness Centre commence in the year 1989
Its also focus on the targets such as segment of Slimmimg treatments and products
Here the bwst thing is Company widely recognized for its portfolio of beauty & Wellness , the company have achieved a good customers satisfaction and trust

What does facial toner do

How to use

Moisten a cotton ball with this toner and apply over clean face and neck Area and let the product to get absorb in your skin wait for some time to apply anything after it
It can also be used in preparation of home made face pack
Or may also be used in market face pack so that a good consistency of pack is attained and make pack easily applicable

When to use

  • Vlcc Rose toner can be applied at night time after washing away make up
  • It can also be used in facial steps
  • It can also be used before applying Serum
  • Or can also be used before make up


  • Etract of quercus infectoria (Magical Nut)
  • Aloe vera 2%
  • Phoenix sylvestris 2%
  • Mentha piparata (mint) 1%
  • Rosa damascens (Rose) distillate


Vlcc Toner Rejuvenates the skin
It also Brightens up the skin due to the main ingredient present in it that is rose
The product claims its a skin Defence
Vlcc toner also maintains the Ph balance
and Tightens pores


The price of this product is 150 INR

Quantity : 100 ml bottle


Vlcc rose toner comes in white colour plastic bottle with cap


Many people misunderstood the importance of toner,its a quick absorbing liquid that removes excess of dirt,controls excess of oil production in skin and thereby avoid acne also.
Each application will rejuvenates skin and makes it refreshing, its tones your skin and correct uneven skin have also tighten skin pores and will also reduce penetration of impurities in skin.vlcc rose toner is best option to pamper skin.

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