Rose Water facial mist

Rose Water Facial Mist

Good vibes illuminating Rose facial mist 

Hi everyone 

Here is another product of skin care that is facial mist, those facial spray boost skin radiance by allowing product to penetration into deeper layer of skin , so it could be a good skin care product

Facial mist

  • To lightens skin
  • To brightness of skin
  • To make skin dewy
  • Illuminate skin
  • Can be used on daily basis or
  • Can be used occasionally on Events


facial mists are liquids that you mist onto your skin with the help of  spray bottle or atomizer. 

Most are packed with hydrating and soothing ingredients, although you can now find mists with more astringent properties, and even oil

Before moving towards the product let's have a look over the company.

Good vibes company details

 Rose water facial mist Products Benefits:

Good vibes All the products are paraben free
Good vibes products are not tested on animals
This products are Very much affordable and yet
Very good effective products too

Each from a company can be available in multiple ingredients
Depending on different seasons
Different skin type
Different skin requirements and deficiency
Makeup mist


The main reason to apply facial mist to add that boost of Hydration.

If you are a person with dry skin than this is the best option for you.

Illuminate the face before makeup


 Face mist can be either used in the morning pick up product which in turns act as a natural toner or can also be applied at the preparation of skin before makeup or before applying moisturizer, serum or essence as it lay a good foundation for your product applied after it

Many skin experts says. To spray a rose water on face for hydration of skin and in fact in many parlours they treat their brides or other clients with this kind of facial mist 

And many facials requires illuminating mist before they start their sessions

In summer people calls this illuminating rose facial mist as a skin tonic to moisturiser and treat Dull skin

 This illuminating rose facial mist in used in many skin treatment 

May be clean up , facials , bleach and skin polish

It totally depends on you when you wanna have it may be before or after skin treatment sessions


Talking about Good vibes Illuminating facial mist  price it very affordable 
150 INR but always a discount will be available at site and I bought it at 113 INR


Facial mist are very much helpful to give your skin that natural ,fresh dewy looks which for whole day 

As we are aware that rose is a ingredient to add brightness to skin and lighten the skin complexion.

you can also damp your sponges or beauty blenders with the spray of face mist

It helps in blending of makeup bases or

Second option is after you are done with the makeup spray some face mist at certain distance of ten inch from your face to add that glow and set your make up as well. Make sure you close your eyes before spray.

In a summer after you step out your house in a scorching heat then a must have instant immediate product can be this illuminating rose facial mist or

it can be at least a rose toner to avoid that skin burns and skin heat but some thing like illuminating product can be a skin boost for all professional and student who have to struggle out in sun


  • Rose hydrosol
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Vitamin B5
  • Citric acid 
  • Glycerine


Good vibes Illuminating facial mist is known to hydrates skin without any stickiness

 Facial mist can be used as toner too

Aroma of Rose calms and make ones happy
Good vibes rose facial mist have all soothing and cooling effect 

Works well for Acne prone skin

It's a source of skin refreshing

Help you restore the freshness of your face

After all in life,all you ever need is love ,a glowing face

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