Beauty blog-askinfriend: Best Pancake Makeup brands

Best Pancake Makeup brands

Best Pancake Makeup Brands

Rainy & summer season make up Hillary Rhoda pancake and Olivia pancake

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Todays review is all about a make up base which last long and really long in all the season especially for a Rainy season which is a water proof pan cake from brand Hillary Rhoda and Olivia

Hillary Rhoda , olivia

Best pancake Makeup Brands

  • Hillary Rhoda
  • Olivia

Hillary Rhoda

It's a light scattering make up which is used specially for face. And a plus point is company also provides a free sponge along with the pancake, the quality of base and as well as sponge is also very good.The sponge helps to cover up imperfection and even out skin tone, and that enough to keeps onces skin fresh all day long.The product have a benefit of spf


To hide dark circles under the eye the company have added element of the protection to remove the black under eye permanently
Restore the skin to give a flat surface with a soft touch


Talc,kaolin,mica,paraffinum liquid ,isopropyl myristate methylparaben parfum, propylparaben, 

The price of this product is 199 INR

Olivia pancake

When talking about this brand it is specially formulated with isi approved materials to provide protection to your skin from pollution and light rays its also a waterproof makeup ,and gives you a very natural looks and keeps you freshness for all day

This company also provides a free sponge but the quality of pancake is good in comparison to sponge. The product is also with a benefit of spf sun protection


Ti02, Talc,kaolin,iron oxides & fragrance


The price of the product is 110 INR

Prep your skin before application

You may be applying any type of base plz prepare your skin by applying a small amount of moisturiser and spread it all over your face and wait for atleast 5mins to apply any thing

And now your good to go and apply any base on your skin

How to apply

Once if you damp a sponge in water removes excess of water from sponge and take the product and apply on your face in upward strokes.

Wait for sometime and with dry cotton cloth or sponge swipe away excess of product and it's all done

Water proof effect 
Due to waterproof its long lasting and perspiration will not fade colour

Different shade according to your skin type
For a dusky Indian skin can 24 in Olivia
And a shade 06 can be in Hillary rhoda

For more information on skin care plz check 

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