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celebrity beauty secrets skin care

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Skin Care

Beauty Secrets Revealed by kareena Kapoor Khan By Skin Care

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Todays blog is all about the Beauty diva who is so conscious about her health and beauty and with no doubt one of the most beautiful bollywood Actress …….its non another but Kareena kapoor khan .She has a killing looks
In an interview to Times of india she have revealed her beauty secrets 

Kareena kapoor

Its a myth that people think celebs completely rely on chemical products because they don't have time to spend on natural ingredients but........if some of them are proven to work effectively than they also add natural ingredients in daily skin care 

She said her beauty is achieved through skin care involve products like Water, Almond oil ,honey ,Ubtan ,Moisturizer and no doubt her work out.



Yes its a swear by that water intake that makes you hydrate fron inside is a beauty secret of celebs too
Her preference is natural spring water with four to six bottles per day and she named spring water as NATURAL DRUG for skin and hair

Almond oil

Kareena completely dependable on Almond oil for her both skin and hair. She completely rely on Almond massage when ever she get a chance.She say its a legacy from her grandmother ,Mother and sister too its their formula for beauty from many years


Its well known to every one that honey softens skin and its has natural antibacterial properties which slow downs factors of Aging.Appying honey is under her daily skin care regime


Under her favourite face packs comes ubtan made from Natural Ingredients like Curd and Almond powder curd is a natural bleach and almond is natural scrubber


The perfect moisturiser will always abide face dryness she says she wash her face daily and apply moisturiser twice a day

Work out

As we all know yoga and excercise is a daily routine of kareena not only for perfect weight loss but also for perfect skin too Since these two flush out toxins from body and your skin becomes better over time

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