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hyalugel hyaluronic acid gel

Hyalugel Hyaluronic Acid Gel

Glowing skin - glass skin care routine: hyalu gel review

Hi everyone!!!

Now a days a hot topic in skin care is glass skin care routine
skin that resembles glass. It means that it looks completely flawless, poreless, clear and translucent with not a blemish in sight.


 which is inspired from Korean skin care but when we see step in glass skin care is all together it involve 10 steps like serum or ampoule ,essence, and sealing with mask , as of now hardly we are building a habit to add serum to our skin care and the products involve in steps are highly highly expensive so every one could not afford it.


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So here is one product which is hyalu gel its not a replacement to ur skin care product but an additional product for skin

So people don't make a mistake of replacing ur moisturizer with hyalu gel bcoz it is only a gel which contains hyaluronic acid with have much much benefits if added to skin remember to take care it doesn't contains any wax or oils or emulsifier which can moisten ur skin

Key ingredient:

Hyaluronic acid in aqeous gel base

.Hyalugel hyaluronic acid gel 

Benefits of hyaluronic acid
  • .hyalu gel softens skin
  • .Best option for skin hydration as it restore water in to ur skin 100 times better than any other product
  • .hyalu gelmakes ur skin plump
  • .Directly or indirectly it abides acne also.
  • .it provides a glow to your skin
  • .Avoid dullness
  • .hyalu gel Improve elasticity of skin
  • .Improve elasticity of eye area ( its regular use may help u avoid fillers in eye area)
  • .hyalu gel also cures white head and their marks
  • Essential product to treat dullness of skin

How to use

1.The hyalu gel can be used as a single product to ur face after cleansing ur skin and massage the gel so that it can be penetrates in ur skin

2.u can again make ur own DIY serums or essence ( water like consistency product) by mixing hyalugel with good toner and essential oil
Combine this with some toner suitable for ur skin and add essential oil in to it so that it can increase it shelf life and do many good things for ur face

Use this product on regular basis to see effective result
May people have a myth it do have aside effects but in research it have shown that I may react to skin if injected to skin
External application is very safe

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