Beauty blog-askinfriend: Homemade face serum

Homemade face serum

Homemade Face serum 

Serum for all skin needs

Hi everyone

Today in this blog all information is how to make a serum at home ? Which could be

 effective too
We spend alot on money on skin moisturiser ,anti aging products skin rejuvenation,nourishment ,skin tightening, scar removal,fight acne  and lot more but if one home made product does all for you


  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Cucumber  Toner
  • Vit e capsule
  • Frankincense oil

Home made serum

Homemade face serum

Aloe Vera gel in a ingredient present in many beauty products, it helps to moisturize ,remove fine lines and wrinkles .it can also be used to reduce Acne

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How to use vit c serum

Vit c serum is always a must have product for every women skin in order to prevent damage from free radicals that can occur throughout the day.

And that's the reason Some dermatologists recommend applying a vitamin C serum in the morning

Cucumber toner it is a good source of Hydra tion and rejuvenating and revitalising skin. It does deep cleaning, reduce fine lines wrinkles and lighten dark spot

Vit E oil is well known to every one its a antioxidant , reduce free radicals and many people use vit e oil to reduce dark circles ,dark spots and glow

Frankincense oil as its an essential oil apart from skin lightening and tightening it also add aroma therapy
And also known for it anti aging properties and fade away scars present on face

How to prepare Serum

Take 7 - 8 spoon of aloe Vera gel and add a cup of cucumber toner to it and mix it really well  the mixture should have runny texture,after mixing now again add 7-8 drops of frankincense oil and 2 capsules of vit e oil .and once again mix them all if u want u can increase the content of aloe vera or toner as per your requirement.

How to use Serum

Before applying this make sure u clean your face with warm cloth ( warm doesn't mean u burn your face, warm is just to open your skin pores) and then apply this
This procedure will double the effect of serum
Many people follow this warm cloth technique to make the product u apply to penetrate in skin


Before using this serum my face was very dull compare to hand and legs ,tan ,patchy and dark circles but after certain duration of use you can really feel the difference in your skin tone and texture as well
Good source of anti aging all the ingredients like aloe Vera ,cucumber vit e and frankincense oil are known for fighting wrinkles and fine lines. To see good results apply this serum during night time after cleaning your face

When to use:

People always ask when is the right time to apply serum day or night time
The answer is check your skin when it suddenly feels as drying may be night or a day time as skin dry wash your face Pat dry and now it a time to apply serum to avoid skin thrist

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