Beauty blog-askinfriend: Natural Anti aging Skin care Home Remedies

Natural Anti aging Skin care Home Remedies

Natural Anti aging Skin care Home Remedies

 Skin care for woman over 30s or Mature Skin

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Todays my blog is all about how to take care of your Mature skin. Here is the logic behind is how to abide the signs of aging……… one can stop the signs of aging but ………remember you can slow down the signs of Aging , and in this home remedies you can definitely find

Natural Anti aging Skin care Home Remedies

  • How to make your saggy skin tight
  • How to minimize skin pores
  • How removes Wrinkles
  • How to Remove Fine lines

So here we go to find solution for mature skin through natural ingredients and home remedies

#anti aging mask


Both the banana and its peel are known to tightens the skin and this mask will be so effective that a difference in your skin can be seen from the day one. its provides a natural botox effect to face


  • Banana
  • Yogurt
  • Honey
  • Lemon

Mix all the ingredient like banana a small piece mashed well,
Yogurt for diluting the mixture,honey a half spoon,a few drops of lemon in a bowl and apply to your face for min 10 min then wash off

#anti aging mask

Egg white Allantoin is well know to firm ones saggy skin,
It also tightens and whitens skin,it have deep cleansing effect and spirulina have anti oxidants it eliminates the free radicals responsible for aging of skin

Both the spirulina and egg white can also be used alone to tightens skin

Spirulina with water is good mask

Egg white with rose water but when we combine these two products it will double the good result for skin and yet both are anti aging ingredients


  • Egg White
  • Spirulina Capsule

Take egg white as per requirement of face and now add a spirulina and give it a good mix then apply mixture on face for atleast 15 min then wash off your face
Its provides an instant uplift to face,it also shrink pores present on skin

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Rice and as well as rice water has anti aging makes skin supple and young and also reduces wrinkles


  • Rice ( boiled l powder)
  • Honey
  • Raw Milk

In a bowl add 3 table spoon of rice ,2 table spoon of honey and 1 spoon of milk and mix it well and apply on face for 20 mins and wash it off
 Even a Rice water is good for skin
When we add water to rice and let it soak for sometime or whole night that water is called rice water which act as a natural toner

Frankincense oil

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Frankincense oil as its an essential oil apart from skin lightening and tightening it also add aroma therapy
And also known for it anti aging properties and fade away scars present on face.

It works very well on laugh lines many people have commented on the benefits of this oil after their regular use. (Specially on laugh lines)

Simply add three part of coconut oil and one part of frankincense oil
Apply during night time time

It can be applied on face and also for neck
This oil is well known for skin tightening and anti aging
It also avoid wrinkles and finelines
Never use any essential oil directly on any part of body better to dilute with carrier oil like coconut oil , almond oil, flax seed oil and olive oil

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