Beauty blog-askinfriend: Is Kryolan paint oil based

Is Kryolan paint oil based

Kryolan TV paint stick Review


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Kryolan TV paint stick

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Today's review is on a makeup product which turned a favorite product of all for girls may be professional , home makers or Celebs. And yes you find it right it's a krylon paint Stick foundation. First of all let me tell you about company.



About Company

Krylon is a company known for producing highly pigmented colourful makeup which is very much easy to use and that the reason the products of this company are called as face paints and few of the search says that krylon products are dermatologically tested and are skin friendly and save for use.

What does The Company claims 

kryolan stick is special base allows gentle makeup application that provides effective covering at the same time. The krylon assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selectio n is truly extraordinary - which makes makeup preparation indispensable for stage, film ,TV , video work and more

Krylon paint stick


The price of the product is 1000 INR 
But if you buy online some offers will be available

Ingredients of krylon      

Kryolan TV paint stick


Krylon TV paint sticks are successfully proven cream makeup foundation which is in the form of stick. The product is so creamy and it blends so well on your skin.Its full coverage product and with minimum product you can cover all your face, it also works well to hide all imperfection

And the plus point is the product last long on your skin 

But make sure after some time simply with dry sponge you dap your and spread the product once again to need to apply again and again but need to refix it with sponge to swipe away that excess oil appears after some time of makeup the product is effective covering.

How to apply

Application is also very easy how you apply your other panstick,
 But  as I told you don't need to cover all your face with line of foundation only apply it in the dotted form and spread all over your face
To avoid contamination of product do apply with help of brush or sponge 
 Make sure you clean product with wet cloth after use and after applying foundation set it with the help of loose translucent powder on your face

Kryolan TV paint stick swatches or shades


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Kryolan TV paint stick

Video demonstration on how to apply tv paint stick.

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