Natural Anti aging Skin care Home Remedies

Natural Anti aging Skin care Home Remedies

 Skin care for woman over 30s or Mature Skin

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Todays my blog is all about how to take care of your Mature skin. Here is the logic behind is how to abide the signs of aging……… one can stop the signs of aging but ………remember you can slow down the signs of Aging , and in this home remedies you can definitely find

Is Kryolan paint oil based

Kryolan TV paint stick Review


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Kryolan TV paint stick

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Today's review is on a makeup product which turned a favorite product of all for girls may be professional , home makers or Celebs. And yes you find it right it's a krylon paint Stick foundation. First of all let me tell you about company.

Best Pancake Makeup brands

Best Pancake Makeup Brands

Rainy & summer season make up Hillary Rhoda pancake and Olivia pancake

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Todays review is all about a make up base which last long and really long in all the season especially for a Rainy season which is a water proof pan cake from brand Hillary Rhoda and Olivia

What does a facial toner do

What does a Facial Toner Do

VLCC Rose Water Toner Skin Defence Review

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Today there is a review on another Toner from VLCC  and what does a facial toner do to ones skin
Natural Science
This skin toner act as a cooling and Refreshing agent,its well known to Tone ,Nourish and balance the skin. It a essential part of skin care

celebrity beauty secrets skin care

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Skin Care

Beauty Secrets Revealed by kareena Kapoor Khan By Skin Care

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Todays blog is all about the Beauty diva who is so conscious about her health and beauty and with no doubt one of the most beautiful bollywood Actress …….its non another but Kareena kapoor khan .She has a killing looks
In an interview to Times of india she have revealed her beauty secrets 

Rose Water facial mist

Rose Water Facial Mist

Good vibes illuminating Rose facial mist 

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Here is another product of skin care that is facial mist, those facial spray boost skin radiance by allowing product to penetration into deeper layer of skin , so it could be a good skin care product

Facial mist

  • To lightens skin
  • To brightness of skin
  • To make skin dewy
  • Illuminate skin
  • Can be used on daily basis or
  • Can be used occasionally on Events

Tea Tree oil on face Overnight

Tea Tree Oil on Face Overnight

Home remedies and Benefits  of Tea Tree oil for skin and Hair

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Todays blog is all about the benefits of essential oil which is tea tree many people don't know how tea tree oil is good for them and if they have information about tea tree oil than they doesn't know why to use them? And how to use them?so here is a small information about it 

Homemade face serum

Homemade Face serum 

Serum for all skin needs

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Today in this blog all information is how to make a serum at home ? Which could be

 effective too
We spend alot on money on skin moisturiser ,anti aging products skin rejuvenation,nourishment ,skin tightening, scar removal,fight acne  and lot more but if one home made product does all for you

winter skin care Routine

Winter Skin care Routine

Winter skin care must have products

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In Today scenario every thing is made up of chemical and with alot of side effects ,so why not take care of our skin with affordable product and yet useful results

Winter care means taking care for those dry skin of face , hand ,legs and lips

dermafique acne avert cleansing mousse review

Best cleanser for Acne treatment Dermifique acne avert cleanser

Dermafique Acne Avert Cleansing Mousse Review

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In today's scenario every one is much more concern about their healthy lifestyle

More importantly it is a advice that you do

"less makeup and more skincare "

a famous saying from Korean skin experts

hyalugel hyaluronic acid gel

Hyalugel Hyaluronic Acid Gel

Glowing skin - glass skin care routine: hyalu gel review

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Now a days a hot topic in skin care is glass skin care routine
skin that resembles glass. It means that it looks completely flawless, poreless, clear and translucent with not a blemish in sight.

Tips for clear skin naturally



Getting a flawless skin is dream of every girl with out a concern of age so here are few tips to be follow

Clear skin tips

Tips for Clear skin naturally:

many peoples spend a lots if money on expensive product but it goes in vain but one thing that can provide u clear skin permanently is ur diet