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Best Skin Whitening Serum

What does Face Serum Do

Review on VLCC Snigdha Serum

Hi Everyone

A good option for undertone skin for have whitening from comfrey with the regular use and yet good for Anti aging too
And todays review is on VLCC serum

As we all know to take care of Skin most of the peoples are completely relying on product from korean skin care regime which is a "Serums".


And todays review is on VLCC serum
First of all let me tell u about Serums, which are light weighted moisturisers that penetrates deeper to deliver active ingredients into ur Skin
Ageless serum

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What does face serum do

Serum is a product of skin care 
applied after Cleansing and Toning and before Moisturizing
Serums must not be applied after moisturizer bcoz moisturizer will not allow ur serum to penetrate in ur skin.

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Best Skin Whitening Serum


Founded by Mrs. Vandan Luthra as a Beauty and Wellness Centre in the yr 1989

Its also targets the segment of Slimmimg treatments and products
Company widely recognized for its portfolio of beauty & Wellness Product and Services thereby Enjoys High level of Customer Satisfaction and Trust. Company provides wide range of Whitening Products

Best Skin Whitening Serum

Vlcc skin whitening serum

What does face serum do:

  • Vlcc serum comes in a Pump Bottlewhich is secured with silver cap

  • Importance of the product is its Ingredient Which is Comfrey

  • Talking about the texture of product its Smooth and Runny

  • It targets the problem areas such as Dark Spots and its also lightens the Pigmentation's and Acne marks that appears on the Skin

  • The plus point is it inhibits the melanin formation and thereby provides Brightening benefits

  • Vlcc Serum are well known to make your Skin look Younger and Fresh

  • Its only negative point is sometimes it makes skin look greasy depending up on ur skin types and methods of applying it.

  • its not a Paraben free

  • Its suitable for all Skin types

Best Skin Whitening Serum


Nearly i have used two bottles in three months and believe me

It works on the targets problem areas of the skin likes on

The problem of dark spots, 
lightens pigmentation 

Also works on acne marks on the skin. 

As all serum vlcc serum is also known to
Effectively inhibits melanin formation,
and thus  provides exceptional brightening


450 INR

Price of vlcc skin care and vlcc makeup price are not to high but u can still get good discounts online

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"Refreshing and pore tightening toner which has been blended with cucumber, coriander, nutgalls, berberry, peppermint oil and fresh water sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. It is formulated to bring your complexion to the perfect pH #beautyblogger #beauty #makeup #skincare

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