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wear the sunscreen

Wear the Sunscreen

Skin protection with Sunscreen

Hi everyone

Today's review is on sunscreen.

Skin defence

First and foremost when we talk about skin care the first product comes to every ones mind is sunscreen, it is a must have product for every person of all age and gender.
People generally thinks that sunscreen is only usable during summer times but its a myth.....................


Wear the sunscreen

That's true it take 30 mins for a sunscreen to be effective and last up to 2 hr in every season No matter what s your age and season and 9 am to 4 PM sunscreen should applied when exposed to sun

Many experts suggest that a sunscreen should be applied in summer ,winter, autumn or even in rainy season also because sun is always there and it's rays too

In fact many says to apply a sunscreen even when ur at home and "mostly the person who had any kind of skin treatment and while entering a kitchen they are suggested to apply sunscreen and enter"

That's what a skin defence or protection of skin a sunscreen will do

No matter which brand sunscreen u wanna buy but make sure you atleat have spf 25 ,spf 30 or  if at all its spf 50 well and fine it can be good vibes spf 50 ,ponds spf 50 , neutrogena spf 50 and nivea spf 50 or vlcc spf 25,or can be lakme spf30 ,ponds spf 30

Choice is yours

Vlcc sun block/ sun screen

Wear sunscreen
Spf are found not only in creams and lotion form now a day a makeup products companies provides a wide range of makeup with spf like lakme,Hillary rodha,Olivia etc

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