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Anti -Aging drink

Anti Aging Drink

Cheapest Anti -Aging drink DIY

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Today one of the secret of anti aging will be revealed right here and the best part is all the ingredients are natural and can be easily prepare at home any yet skin friendly
So lets get started
You might have heard Age is just a number. Yes, certainly it is true , but when it starts reflecting on your skin it becomes a matter of concern, especially for mature women.

Why do we need anti aging drink

Several studies say that at times aging is visible on your skin because of unavoidable stress and eating habits. Prolonged stress may also result in early signs of aging, such as crow feet, wrinkles, uneven skin color and open pores.

Reason for Skin Aging

So Here is a secret remedy, simple and yet easily available drink that can actually cure all these signs and make you look younger and glowing all along.  Trust us, they actually work if consumed regularly and in the right proportion

Anti aging drink

All u need is


pomegranate PEELS




Pomegranate peels

It contains high amount of antioxidants
Protect the body against inflammation
Doesn't allow free radical damage

Rose petals
Rose petals are also very beneficial few of them are listed below
Its intake for body keeps u very cool and soothing
Balance vata and pitta
Good for supporting Nervous System
Its Anti aging properties

Mud bowl/Clay bowl

Mud have imp nutrients like

And sulphur for betterment of body

Glass of water
As we all know water keep it skin always hydrated
Hydrated skin means
A skin which will not ages very soon

Anti aging drink 


Take a mud bowl and add water ,rose petal and pomegranate peels and boil the whole mixture till it teaches to half quantity

That's it have this drink on a empty stomach

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