Beauty blog-askinfriend: sun tan removal scrub

sun tan removal scrub

Sun Tan removal Scrub

Friendly and Safe skin tan removal Chocolate scrub

friendly and Safe skin tan removal Chocolate scrub

Hi guys

In this blog I m going to share all info about the all new everyuth chocolate and vitamin cherry scrub
,It  really feel that  its so effective to treat a tan body it so skin friendly

After a journey from Maharashtra I found my skin to be really tanned and nothing was working on it from long time

But finally I found this product which is affordable and we'll as feel as its luxurious

With just once application u can feel the difference and as we all skin scrubbing is a source of removing old skin cells or dead skin cells , removes black heads and improve skin texture

But use of this scrubber can give you a additional benefit of removing tan from skin

It makes your skin looks even tone.

Sun Tan removal scrub


Talking about price affordable ,quantity satisfying and I smell really really nice u can imagine how a cherry and chocolate smells together it can be a safe and eco friendly product.

It's a luxurious and detoxifying chocolate
Suitable for face ,neck ,arms ,shoulders and other expose area

So it's a body and face tan removal scrub
Add glow to face and it's active ingredient is chocolate that helps in the improvement of skin and that glow to skin

Removes dead skin cells that's the prior work of any scrubber

Scrub have so minute granules which is not at all harsh for skin.


Combination of saberry,








The special element that a good scrub should have is that it must  not only exfoliate the skin's surface but also pull out those trapped impurities from the skin very easily.

The other add on for this scrub is its Formulated with the goodness of Vitamin E,from those almond oil , jojoba oil and aloe vera

which not let your skin to dries out even after scrubbing.

One can see the visible changes in skin from the first application itself and for good and effective results plz use it on regular intervals of time.

Can we use scrub daily???????

I advice people to add a good and mild scrub to their skin care or may be said as daily skin care scrub then I can say this scrub is one among the daily use scrub But……………...not for teen agers but for mature skin

Teenagers should scrub at least twice a week
Or at least once a month

As your skin cells dies once a month and if they are not removed from skin immediately than those dead skin cells get burried on upper layer of skin and make your skin Dull , Lazy and damage skin 

So to avoid that all issue plz scrub your face
May be daily ( mature)
May be weekly twice ( 25 - 20)
May be monthly ( teens)

You can use it for daily use as it's particles are mild and gentle and spent leads to over exfoliation

Direction for use:

Cleanse the skin with water,gently massage the scrub with finger tips in circular movements for 4-5 minutes avoid eye area wash away with water

On the whole I can say its a very good product


The price of the product is just 115 INR for the quantity of 50gm
 The product come is glass bottle with golden lid 
All three packaging , price and quantity is satisfying.

Everyuth Naturals Chocolate and Cherry Tan Removal Scrub (50 g)

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Everyuth tan removal scrub

Everyuth tan removal scrub

Skin care product reviews For more information on skin care plz check

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