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face wash best

Face wash Best

Bio honey  gel face wash review

Hi everyone

Here I m with review of one one more product which is skin friendly
#100% ayurvedic #glow face wash

If you are one looking for all in face wash 
Which is

  • A face wash
  • Cleanser
  • Makeup remover
  • Refreshing
  • Hydrate's
  • Dissolve dirt and impurities from skin
  • Refreshing

So here is the one with a name of


Its a time to say hello to clean and glowing skin and say bye bye to all skin troubles like dryness ,acne , pigmentation,fullness and impurities

Its plus point is its ingredients which is honey usually which provides glow to skin.Most of the people add honey to their skin care mostly in winter season in a raw form and yet it's a good replacement for raw honey 

Face wash Best

First of all I'll talk about the company

Its very well known brand biotique Person behind this amazing product and company is vinita Jain

Their company provides wide range of ayurvedic and health products

Co also have collaboration with Swiss company

Biotique bio honey gel

#makeup remover #foam cleanser # refreshing #soothing #ayurvedic


Biotique bio honey gel

Bio honey gel is a combo of face wash and as well as a cleanser

It's so soothing and calming due to its ayurvedic ingredients

Its 100% fresh and foaming soap free gel which is blended with pure honey and extract from arjun tree bark , euphorbia and wild turmeric which all are traditional ingredient for Indian beauty which in turn helps to melt all the dirt particles and makeup from skin

It also softens skin ,makes supple and makes feel rejuvenated and refreshing

It's smells really good as if you smell an herb in your hand and yet smell relaxing too

Bio honey gel cleanser is a good source of Remove impurities , dirt and makeup

And of course  with regular use you can also see a improve complexion

Due to is 100% ayurvedic ingredients formula Its safe for for all skin types

# beauty,#glow

Face wash best


The price of the product is 149 INR  for 120ml of bottle
The price and quantity of the product is satisfying


HoneyWild TurmericEucalyptusBanhaldi rhizome- 1.5%Arjun bark - 0.9%Been bark- 1.8%Rhitha fruit pulp-3.0%Ananas fruit -3.0%Madhu-1.8%Purified water

It's not a cosmetic product It has a therapeutic properties so we can say it has no side effects on skin

Bio honey cleanser for glow is organically pure and preservative free 
Dermatologist tested for Safety 
No animal testing


Rinse water all over your face and neck 
Now take a small amount of BIO HONEY gel and
Rub the product in between your hand to evenly distribute the product

Gently massage over wet face for few seconds Means while massage it over neck with the help of fingertips lather and rinse


Use it twice a day for best result
Due to its therapeutic properties you can use it twice Morning and Evening


This product have really added some good texture to my skin, a good amount of glow

I personally use this product in my double cleansing method
As double cleansing needs two Cleanser 
Oil based
Foam based 

So bio honey gel works as a foam based cleanser
For all that impurities remover and doesn't even dry my skin
Believe me this product is good for or those with dry skin each time you wash your face it will definitely  Hydrate's your skin well

It's 100% soap free it's a add on benefits for all skins 
 It's a good source to dissolve your makeup and impurities

For more information on skin care plz check

#glow # ayurvedic #refreshing


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